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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Nubis: China SD Gundam in making part 3

Hi..small update on the china sd gundam. After the epoxy has hardened. I sanding them to achieve even surface. Then i try to test my skill on brush painting. The paint i used were industrial painting hard extract from the spray can. The straw method were used to extract the canister storage painting. Used of blue tack and straw were applied at the nozzle of the spray can and then the nozzle were push just like painting. Paint were let drip on the bin.

Brush were used to transfer the paint to the part wanted. Let dry for one day. The result is totaly a messed. Yes, i messed up the whole part of this sd gundam. Feeling so undertermined.

The messed up part were then dip in dettol dolvent with 1:1 ratio of water. I accidently let it dip for 2 days. What happen to a plastic of what i dont know dip for 2 day were making me more undetermined. I suspected the dettol solvent were to strong for the plastic part to handle. I end up having a plastic melt of sd gundam parts. 

Melting means the plastic part were looks like it had been coated with one transparent layer of tackiness. All the plastic part surface had become sticky and cant be touch. I then washed and let it dry for day to reduce the tackiness and stickyness of those parts. It clearly indicate that i had failed on this kit. 

Next is to scratch build all the part with grinding and sanding.

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