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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Nubis: China SD Gundam in making Part 2

Spraying basecoat for your model after wetsand is the next step to make a good model kit. Making a good model kit from this China kit is not an easy task. I sprayed this kit with Anchor industrial spray can with the color white, code 02548. White sprayed were used as basecoat for first layer as according to the illustration on the box. White also is a good basecoat for any sparkling or matellic color.

The first layer of the white color were left to dry for an hour. After one hour you must inspect the part that were sprayed on. Its is crucial to inspect your result and perform checking through it all. Quickly sorted out the parts that were good and not good. The good part is put at secured area. For the dented and uneven parts you must level it with putty to cover the areas. 

For me, I carefully cover the unintended area  with tamiya masking tape so that the putty wont go ecerywhere. This will reduce my rework time as putty were hard to be remove. Putty were put onto the area and let to ve dry for a day.

P/s: Do remember to spray at well-ventilated room or open space. Please were proper breathing apparatus i.e face mask.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Nubis: China SD Gundam in making

I had start working on the SD Gundam yesterday. The Gundam were made first by washing all the part with soap, Glo or Body wash. You can wash the part with toothbrush, bear in mind that hard toothbrush give same effect of using sand paper. Soak and sink all the part with soap and gently brush every inch of the part. After that, you can let it dried before you do the next step.

Next is you start to spray primer surfacer on it. Since this kit is small in size it would be wise for me to spray primer on the part with the sprue still attaching to it. After several minutes of priming all the part I realize several problem on doing this technique. You need to spray 360 in X and Y axis and also in Z axis. Since the parts still attach to the sprue some area were not sprayed and I only noticed after some time. It would be wise for you to have some means of holding the sprue so that you will not accidently tempered the sprayed parts.

This kit come with parts that had different color in it. Its depend on how you want to do the coloring but for me I'll priming all the parts so that I'll get the best color effect thus making it look more realistic. Owh, before I forget you must sink your spray can with warm water to get the best sprayed pressure and making the output spray smooth.

After you had done spray priming your parts you must wetsand all the parts so that the base paint will stick better to the parts. I am using 1200 grade paper sanding to perform wetsand for the parts. Water and sandpaper were used to perform wetsand. Dip your sandpaper into the water and then start sanding at the area you wants.
Please keep in mind to sand at the corner and give more attention too seamline caused by molding process also for leftover sprue. 

Priming will raised all the defect that cant be seen by naked eyes. Holes, seamline and other defect can be seen clearly after priming process were done.
Wetsand all the areas and dont be afraid to make mistake during this process because this is the time for you to prepare all the surface for the base coat spray later. After you had done wetsand, wash and rinse all the parts.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Nubis: Cheap SD Gundam from china

In my way of completing the Skyline R32 i often wonder all over the places in searching for the right material that i can turn into cheap modelling PE.

Wire mesh grill can be made using plastic net tea filter that sell at MYR 0.90. Sometimes chupa chup stick were also seen useful and can be used with so many way up to thousand ways but in the end the stick will remain idle inside the toolbox. Yes, it not useful at that times but when you had so many idea that the times when all rubbish turn into gold. Stationary shop, bookstore and small shop call kedai runcit is where i spend my hunt times for the correct budget and cheap items that can be used on my mokit.
When i went to kedai runcit near my in law house i accidently went into one of the old chinese kedai runcit that had been operating since my in law housing block were made. Its kind of old store but its sell the thing you cannot find anywere this times. Its like these kind of store is like an archive for all the previous time items. I love to go in an old store and seeing all the old stuff that people nowadays dont want to buy it then eventually called vintage and rare items.
My hunt to that kedai runcir end up pretty well that night. I end up buying SD Gundam counterfeit made in China. Its not the same design as Gundam Bandai series and its have its own design and storyline. Well what do want from China counterfeit Gundam? The China Gundam were in the Story of the three kingdom series aka Musha mode.
There are 5 model to be collected from and each one of them can be cross fit and change part with each other. Armor, weapon and even body part can be crossover to produce one unique ultima musha gundam. It very innovative and interesting to see such cheap mokit are very enthusiats producing something like this.
This cheap counterfeit has done me MYR10 damages to my wallet.