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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Nubis: China SD Gundam in making Part 2

Spraying basecoat for your model after wetsand is the next step to make a good model kit. Making a good model kit from this China kit is not an easy task. I sprayed this kit with Anchor industrial spray can with the color white, code 02548. White sprayed were used as basecoat for first layer as according to the illustration on the box. White also is a good basecoat for any sparkling or matellic color.

The first layer of the white color were left to dry for an hour. After one hour you must inspect the part that were sprayed on. Its is crucial to inspect your result and perform checking through it all. Quickly sorted out the parts that were good and not good. The good part is put at secured area. For the dented and uneven parts you must level it with putty to cover the areas. 

For me, I carefully cover the unintended area  with tamiya masking tape so that the putty wont go ecerywhere. This will reduce my rework time as putty were hard to be remove. Putty were put onto the area and let to ve dry for a day.

P/s: Do remember to spray at well-ventilated room or open space. Please were proper breathing apparatus i.e face mask.

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