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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Mokit: Skyline R32 Part 8


Its been awhile since I last update this blog. 
Several time i came here but i got no time to write until today.
Now we are at Part 8 of our R32 built. 
Its have been a great journey so far.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Mokit: Skyline R32 Part 7


Welcome to the Part 7 of the Nissan Skyline R32 built.
Previously, we had done the engine bay and the interior. This time we are doing the clear part of the kit and start to spray the bodyshell.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015



Yesterday, im doing test photoshoot of my WIP kit. Im trying to mock up all the parts of my Miata WIP when im done playing with the Tamiya complicated suspension. The suspension were lowered down to what i think is the best height i can get. Due to the lowering of the kits i must adjust and perform hard customization on the suspension. Some part were look like its functional but in the real it isn't. Im rather got lazy to make real suspension although i got the time too. Talk about lazy mood.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Mokit: Skyline R32 Part 6

Dashboard how woman see it. 

This is part 6 of my Skyline R32 built. This part is focusing on the detailing the interior and making detail of the interior. The interior play a important role as the main attraction and a place where you can put some characteristic of the car is in this areas. The exposure of this area is limited when you had complete the kit. Its really hard for spectator to see inside the car, and that made thing more exciting. Spectator will be amazed when they found and see something that they can related to the kit and show some identity of the kit from others. This will give them the sense of connection and will put the image of the kit in their heart. 

Advanced modeler will put drinking can such as Coca cola or Pepsi and intentionally put inside the cockpit to indicate that the drive of the kit like to drink Coca cola. Some put small printed magazine or newspaper of interesting topics. Owh, not to forget some also put AV girl magazine and a tissue box with used tissue all over the places. This is your area to put some identity or a story to tell to the spectator, so let be crazy at this areas!

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Mokit: Skyline R32 Part 5

1:1 scale Skyline R32 GTR

Welcome to Part 5 of Aoshime Nissan Skyline GTR R32.

This part we will see interior built up and a bit of openable hood hinges trial.

The green color thing is the wire insulated for hinges built up. I used paper clip as a material to substitute metal rod. The green thing supposed to be the insert joint of the metal and going to be glued to the body of the kits.

Close up angle of all the material involved. Before this were inserted I has cut the firewall engine in straight line for the metal to be inserted as the back. This will hide the metal thus making its more realistic.

Do to the others half.

Please take note for the green things. That the correct positions to be place the green things.

Other angle of the green this to be operated.

Sprayed this seat flat black. Masking tape were put to maintain the correct color of the seat with flat black and grey. 
Skyline R32 in the making.

Mock up steel wiring inside the engine bay to imitate the real brake line.

I just do this at my heart content and with a bit of picture for reference. The bracket that hold the wire in place is made out of eraser. I carve it as glue it to the firewall.

Engine wiring detailing close up.

Put some color at the parts. Yellow on the brake fluid pump cap, yellow on the distributor, red on the air filter box, and silver on the engine pulley.

Another angle for clear view.

Start merging the dashboard to the chassis. Please noted that the chassis has been cover with felt to represent carpet inside the car. The felt were glued with 3 second glue and the felt has been cut according to the floor panel.

Felt cover up almost all the floor panel.

Mock up the chassis with the upper body. This angle to view the dashboard. See the felt lay flat on the floor panel just like carpet.

Engine mock up with the upper body, car seat complete painted. 

Engine mock up. See how thing start to pop up from that tiny tiny detail.
Complete part 5.
This part show how to detail up the engine bay with wire and play with some color. I didn't apply any old and used effect on the engine bay since this is my first kit. I honestly didn't want to ruin my kit from my mistake doing aging. 
Well, that Part 5. Keep mokit bruh!!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mokit: Skyline R32 Part 4

Brake and brake pump complete painted.

Welcome to the Fourth episode of this Aoshima Skyline R32 kit build up.

Thursday, 29 January 2015



Have you seen this 2 shop? Both shop offer common household item and tools for hardware, soft work and minor adjustment at lower prices. Almost all the tools sold at this both shop can be used on our mokit hobby.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Mokit: Skyline R32 Part 3

TAMIYA R32, This in my stash now!

Meet again in this part 3 of my Nissan Skyline R32 build up.

On the last post we stop at wetsanding the godzilla. Wetsanding is the term used for sanding on any surface with the help of water. Water help to smoothen the sanding and give a silky and nice surface. Do not apply too much pressure when wetsanding as it will easily torn up your kit.

Sunday, 18 January 2015



It's normal for modeller to get cut at their fingers.
Yesterday I got one, after 2 years I start this hobbies this is the 2nd time and this time its quiet deep.