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Thursday, 25 December 2014



Decided to change my blog name as Nubis seem a bit inappropriate here. Since Mokit is what we are talking here so I think its best to pin point what we are doing here so that everybody can related and understand a bit seconds earlier.

Our new link is as follow,

Hope I am not losing any loyal reader after change this name. 

Happy new year to all.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014


This is Tamiya Skyline C10 reissue with add on of Street Custom part. It also come with Driver figurine! Price now at Malaysia market RM140-RM160. give a good price on this kit at RM140.
Dreams of building this kit!!






Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Nubis : Nissan Skyline kits


Here you can see there are so many model and type for Nissan Skyline. What i captured here is the model kit only. I am sure the real 1:1 scale is still exist and its out there somewhere. Owh, try watch wasabicars at youtube there are so many old and retro car this guys found and had done some pretty good review about all those old cars. Of course all are JDM. 

Ok below is the model from Tamiya for Nissan Skyline hardtop 2000 turbo. As you can see there are 2 model the Gt-ES and RS. I will not elaborate why the model different as i am now typing with my phone but you can get the information on google.

These 2 kits for me is for the go because for a Skyline enthusiast you should try get this kits. Owh, please not mistaken as this is Skyline model not the Skyline GTR model. Its 2 different thing by the way. In Lemann term, Skyline GTR is the ultimate version of Skyline model. Its the top of the notch breed. However, some of the GTR did get their superbreed from the Skyline model.

I am planning to buy those kit and did some check up at the, and and those kits had not been reproduce yet.

The good thing is this is Tamiya kit and Tamiya tend to reproduce their kits in occasion so let wait patiently for the reproduce kits.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Some word for the flying time Sept 2014

Hi all,

Thank you for all your support and time spend in this small blog of mine.

Throughout the time from this blog existance the pageview has increase so much compared too before. Because of that i thank to all of you readers out there.

I will make this blog as informative and interactive as it can be so that you can get something from this small blog of mine.

For the current post i'm a bit preoccupied to post or even making some mokit. But rest assured i will not make this blog a spider web a corner.

Till next time.

See you again.


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Nubis: Papercraft for garage


In the mood of diorama now. Recently got editable word .docx format for box at scale of course 1:24. Thank to my BBSTC fellow friends Scale Projek for the nice template.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Nubis: Skyline R32 Part 2

Parts that need attentions.

After I done prime all the parts needed. I then start to spray all the important part with DPI Anchor Silver color for basecoat. Silver is said to be capable of giving shiny and reflecting effect to the color above it. 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Nubis: Skyline R32 Part 1

I start prime all the part of the kit with DPI Anchor primer surfacer grey color. Primer of this kit were done with not much layer. I do recall that i only put one layer of primer only. 

After all the designated part were let to dry. The primed part were then sprayed with silver color to maximize shining effect. Not all part were sprayed with silver. Only the part that i need to shine were sprayed. 

After silver painting were dry. I try to dry fit all the painted parts. Indeed, i had to cut a thin layer of the painting to ease fitting. 

So far, all process were smooth and easy. 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Nubis: Skyline R32


This is my first kit, Nissan Skyline GTR BNR32 from Aoshima.

It come with engine detail and realistic underbelly.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Nubis: China SD Gundam Part Zaku like

Due to my first china sd gundam grand fail. I went to the shop to buy one exactly the same.

Unfortunately, the same model has no stock in hand. Frustrated even more i end up buying this instead.

Zaku and Gellgogg combine into one. I always had in mind to find some villian for the my gundam. And this is best time to do so.

I bought one. Build it as fast as i can. And below is the finish build. Somehow, it look nice already but detail still need to add. Not fully satisfied but to me who is frustrated with previous model, this is a hobby going project.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Nubis: China SD Gundam in making part 3

Hi..small update on the china sd gundam. After the epoxy has hardened. I sanding them to achieve even surface. Then i try to test my skill on brush painting. The paint i used were industrial painting hard extract from the spray can. The straw method were used to extract the canister storage painting. Used of blue tack and straw were applied at the nozzle of the spray can and then the nozzle were push just like painting. Paint were let drip on the bin.

Brush were used to transfer the paint to the part wanted. Let dry for one day. The result is totaly a messed. Yes, i messed up the whole part of this sd gundam. Feeling so undertermined.

The messed up part were then dip in dettol dolvent with 1:1 ratio of water. I accidently let it dip for 2 days. What happen to a plastic of what i dont know dip for 2 day were making me more undetermined. I suspected the dettol solvent were to strong for the plastic part to handle. I end up having a plastic melt of sd gundam parts. 

Melting means the plastic part were looks like it had been coated with one transparent layer of tackiness. All the plastic part surface had become sticky and cant be touch. I then washed and let it dry for day to reduce the tackiness and stickyness of those parts. It clearly indicate that i had failed on this kit. 

Next is to scratch build all the part with grinding and sanding.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Nubis: China SD Gundam in making Part 2

Spraying basecoat for your model after wetsand is the next step to make a good model kit. Making a good model kit from this China kit is not an easy task. I sprayed this kit with Anchor industrial spray can with the color white, code 02548. White sprayed were used as basecoat for first layer as according to the illustration on the box. White also is a good basecoat for any sparkling or matellic color.

The first layer of the white color were left to dry for an hour. After one hour you must inspect the part that were sprayed on. Its is crucial to inspect your result and perform checking through it all. Quickly sorted out the parts that were good and not good. The good part is put at secured area. For the dented and uneven parts you must level it with putty to cover the areas. 

For me, I carefully cover the unintended area  with tamiya masking tape so that the putty wont go ecerywhere. This will reduce my rework time as putty were hard to be remove. Putty were put onto the area and let to ve dry for a day.

P/s: Do remember to spray at well-ventilated room or open space. Please were proper breathing apparatus i.e face mask.