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Wednesday, 5 February 2014


My first mokit from Aoshima complete with engine detail.
Hi guys, 

It's been long time since my last post. The year flew by the holiday come and gone, people getting older and my WIP still..well in progress.


Today you will get to know my first model kit and why I choose to buy it at the first places. I didn't have any knowledge in modelling but I do love modified things. I happen to played with Hotwheel sometime ago and did a few modification on it. Its a Mercedes SLR cabriolet and the color is yellow. I didn't remember how I got it but I just there.

What happen to that Mercedes is, I get some plasticine and sculpt a new bumper, side skirting and spoiler for the Hotwheels diecast Mercedes and pretend that the plasticine is hard enough. Haha. Remembering the good old days where you are still a children. Maybe that is where I get my experience in modelling and the need of customization and modification. Long time ago, when Dash Yonkuro were on air in TV3, me and my brother get our own 4WD cars using our own saving. I that time were so impress with Dash 01 Emperor when it can actually jump into the air. By the end of the day, I own a Vanguard Sonic transparent chasis and cowled from Auldey. Assemble and play not long after that the chasis broke into half due to low quality material. 

Then my brother and I bought own 4WD which is Dash 01 Emporer and Beak Spider. My brother really love his Beak Spider and he even slept with it. I at that time own several model of 4WD which is Blue Hurricane, Magnum Saber, Vanguard, Dash 01 Emporer, Proto ZC Emporer, Tridagger X, and many more. Noted that none of the above is Tamiya. Back at that day Tamiya is a crown brand of all. For someone like my family that at middle income family we can't afford to buy high end toys. So we stuck at Auldey, Gokey and several others brand not worth mentioned.

But that day were all gone. We cherish the memory and live with it. Until now.

I got stuck and love mokit scene.

Find what you like and connect it.

First things is, I try to connect mokit with my interest and liking to motorsport scenes. I really enjoyed played driving, racing, simulator games. Need for speed series, Gran Turismo series, Wangan Midnight series, Kaido racing series and Tokyo Xtreme Racing series are my favourite racing games of all times. All my ideas and liking coming and based from those gaming and simulation gaming. I always experimenting and doing research using those games to prove my theory and assumption rights. I also love doing modification and visual testing using those simulation gaming. At the end of the days, those gaming were only manipulation of data and I craving for some solid and pure material things. Thanks to mokit I found my answer and its has been my places for me to throw some of my creative ideas that can congested my brain functionality. 

Find you dream car, mine is Skyline R32

R32, I really love this Skyline. R32 is the new version of the old GTR after several years of Nissan not producing any GTR. The R32 were really outstanding in that years which is to be happen near my birth date in 1989 where Turbo era flourished. 

Ahh that Turbo era, automotive were at their most happening and most interesting era. I wish I live in that era where Turbo and highspeed were only what they were thinking. Those era were the only era when most supercars and highspeed cars were most produce compared to other era. Pratically I did born that time. Both Im too young to understand. 

To me R32 is the new GTR a beginning of a new Saga and I really want to captured that glorious moment and thaw it in my mokit with my own hand. That what make me bought this mokit. 


Aoshima is to me the best brand of mokit scene for beginner. Its not that expensive compared to Tamiya yet its not that low quality compared to Fujimi and other brands. Aoshima did delivered the best quality at the decent prices and its production series i.e JGTC series, D1 Grand Prix series, Liberty walk series, and Engine detail series quite well and vast choices also. Aoshima did excel in the engine detail aspect compared to Tamiya. Tamiya did produce mokit with engine detail but according to my fb friends Varis Rai Aoshima engine detail is far more detail and precise compared to the giant maker Tamiya. 

Curbside series is a series without any engine detail provided inside the kits. How to know whether the kits provide any engines or not? As far as I know, if there were pictures of engine on the box cover of the kits then the kits did provide engine detail inside. Some kits also come with extra parts and accessories and sometime its not even stated on the box. That is why, you need to join community, forums, or groups in social media network nowadays to learns this tips and tricks without any hardship. 

This Skyline GTR R32 by Aoshima is the best and suit to my liking and it did comes with engine detail that you can be amazed of. Trust me. This is the best R32 kits you can get at RM110 cheap and best prices and to me it really suitable and match the quality.

Places to buy

If you live in KL and Penang you absolutely didn't have any problem whatsoever. If you are living outside of this 2 country you can always used FB for searching tools. FB Groups BBSTC did provide good name list for seller and shop that sell mokit, tools and this group will also provide tips and tricks at anytime without any cost. Join me there. 

If you are in JB and looking for bricks and mortar shop I recommended JS Hobby shop at Bukit Mewah. They sell wide ranges of Tamiya tools and accesories like putty, spray, tweezers, spray gun, plaplate, sandpaper, wide range of paint and many more. But this shop is specialize in selling Gundam and other then mokit so you will not see any mokit here. Hehe. 

You guys just need to shout and post request at BBSTC group and there will be someone guide you there. Even me will also help you.


So that all for today. 
Happy reading.

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