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Friday, 27 June 2014

Nubis: Skyline R32 Part 2

Parts that need attentions.

After I done prime all the parts needed. I then start to spray all the important part with DPI Anchor Silver color for basecoat. Silver is said to be capable of giving shiny and reflecting effect to the color above it. 

The truth is I spray the silver to give metal like effect and give all the parts mechanical like feature. Basically, the engine bay and underbelly of the Skyline R32 were sprayed silver for the wanted effect. I then masked the 4WD drive shaft, gearbox and exhaust system to imitate the real Skyline and sprayed the underbelly with black color. 

All my paint job were done with DPI Anchor industrial spray can. From priming to clearcoat all spray were Anchor brand. 

Engine bay masking.
Engine oil sump, gearbox, exhaust and suspension system were masked.
DPI Anchor spray color code used on the interior and exterior. 
Flat black and Black.
Below are the complete underbelly black spray with black. Notice the masking tape at the underbelly of the engine, I did some mistake at the engine underbelly oil sump and had to respray again. U can also touch up the spray areas with black permanent marker.

Underbelly completed black spray.
After I had done sprayed I open the masking tape and accidenttly chipped out the paint at the exhaust outlet from the engine. Fear not, this can be corrected with the paint marker silver color. The paint marker (MYR 6.50) act like a paint but it come out from a marker.Its function is as the same as the gundam marker. You had to shake it well to make the paint drip out. Touch up at the wanted areas and make sure not to jeopardize another areas.

Paint chip out. 
Rear wheel driveshaft
Paint marker. Used to touch up areas.
Corrected with paint marker.
This kit come with engine detail. Aoshima did provide the user with the clear/transparent hood for option. Either way, you had to cut out the original hood to apply the transparent hood or to mod the original hood so that it can be openable like the real car. The ideas is to make it openable like the real car. I come out with several ideas to make the hinges and it really frustrating. In the end I go with the transparent hood. 

Cut out the front hood so that you can see the engine detail.
Corrected the dashboard and the seat.
Wetsand all the body surface.
Wetsand in progress. 

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