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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Mokit: Skyline R32 Part 12

My stash, Tamiya R32, Tamiya R89C, Tamiya Miata

Welcome to the last post of Nissan Skyline R32 built off. This post took me near 3 years to post up to here if im not mistaken. The R32 was brought to my first TT (Teh Tarik) of BBSTC at Johor Region. That TT was rather a small group of mokit maker of Malaysia southern region, Johor Bahru. The TT was held at Fita Hobby Shop JB. Today, Fita's were no longer operational due to some problem. Its, quite rough to own a Hobby shop in JB moreover, Malaysia. Hobby scene in Malaysia is still not as vast and broad like Japan, America or United Kingdom. 

Here is my finish R32. I know it not much of a model kit but im really proud to built it with my own idea and setup. As you can see on the above picture, Steve were photoshoot together with my R32 and some boxes of HKS, Rays and Nismo paper box. 

Steve also tried to smile, but i don't know why he can't

Side view. There are still much room of improvement.

R32 was part between Supra & Nsx
The above picture is the TT season going on when my R32 was part in between of JGTC Toyota Supra and JGTC NSX. Being the modest and the most ugly kit being at the center of those JGTC car make my R32 look not at the standard par. The other kit were made nicely, and almost perfect.

Fita Shop

This is Tamiya Alfa Romeo built by Azaruddin Paiman the most legend mokit builder in Johor Bahru. His built was painted by only industrial spray can but the outcome is so well and beautiful just like it was sprayed using Air Brush. I learnt a lot from this man on the usage of industrial spray can. He also a book writer and just recently publish his book on his travel to Japan. 

Garage setup

There you go. My R32 built post. This is my last post of the Nissan Skyline R32 built. See you later at my next built.

Keep mokit guys. 

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