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Monday, 20 June 2016

Mokit: Skyline R32 Part 11

The perfect interior of R32


Welcome to Part 11 of the Skyline R32 built. 
This time we will focusing on the built of the Interior of the kit. 
Mainly were are building the roof of the kit.

The tools needed for the job. A felt is the most important ingredient of the project. Safety lighter were used to trim the edge of the felt so that it wont be hairy and messy.

1. Cut the felt to match to the roof interior of the car. 

Take note the felt when fully glued to the roof. Its wise to do several mock up before final glue is applied.

2. Making the border trim of the roof felt. Sharpie pen and masking tape. 

Cut the masking tape to the desire width of the felt roof. 

Applied sharpie color on top of the cut masking tape.

3. Paste the masking tape on the border of the felt

Press the masking tape evenly to fully secure the tape to the felt as the properties of the felt is hairy the masking tape has difficulties to hold together.

4. Applied the masking tape to all the border of the felt. Fix the rear view mirror on the felt now.

5. Secure the finished felt on  the roof with 3 sec glue.

This is what happened when you tried to burn the wiper with safety matches. The wiper warp!! The reason is torched the wiper is to bend the wiper a bit so that it will bend perfectly on the front windshield. However, as you can see, Shit happens!
The correct method is to dip the wiper in hot water and carefully bend its when the plastic is hot. Yes, you will make your hand burn along the process. So be extra careful. Its take several minute to dip the wiper into the hot water and to the point of the plastic start to be bendable. 

Mock up the clear hood part. This clear part come together with this kit. There is also the black plastic hood. 

Top view. The clear plastic part is to show the engine bay more clearly.

Front view.
End of part 11. Although the roof lining is far from original but the idea is there. You can easily manipulated the built with your creative idea to make its look realistic. Creativity is limitless. Do share me you though in our comment section. 

Keep mokit guys.

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