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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Mokit: Skyline R32 Part 9

Welcome to part 9 R32 Sklyine built.
Its been a while since my last post, im now constantly post my daily mokit progress at the Facebook page Mokitforever. You can subscribe to it before you can view this blog. If you reading this I hope you already LIKE that pages. 
I will keep updating this blog from time to time with what post I feel to share. 
There are so many to share.

Let's get going and see this part 9 Skyline.

R32 Tamiya kit

Mock up with aftermarket rim from eightyone maker. Its TE37V.

See the tires is so big and cute at the same time

This set come with rubber tire. Although the rubber tires is a bit untidy and not that clean built but its still is a cool aftermarket part.

I had to put some putty and a bit of sanding to get this Ring of rim extension look a bit decent. There are flash and hole to fill to get the right dimensions.

Let detail up R32 stock rim and side mirror.

Intentionally, I want to paint only the lug nut of the tires. But due to my marker tip is big is get to paint all the hole of the rim, making it a bit messy. The great tip here is to used toothpick or any sharp end to apply the paint only on the section you want. 

Side mirror is paste with chrome sticker.

End of Part 9.

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