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Monday, 22 February 2016

Mokit: Skyline R32 Part 10

Welcome to Part 10 of the R32 Skyline built post.
As you can see above, I get the Tamiya R32 Skyline GTR kit.
 This kit come with engine RB26DeTT. 
There are turbo's included and its so cute. 
The detail of this kit is so mesmerizing and for R32 enthusiast I think one should get this pronto.

We are making Tail light coloring using this permanent marker of Red in color.

The tail light

Masking the unwanted area. Which is the center one is to be colored Orange.

Apply marker on the back side of the part, not on the front side of the part

Mock up on the tail light

Test with light reflections.

This is to test the light without the marker applied.

PIC time

Sharpie were used to applied the Orange color of the signal on the tail light. This set of Sharpie really come in handy in my mokit scene. Must have.

Applied the Orange color on the Signal area. Also applied the color on the back of the parts. 

Test light of all the Tail light

Tool used to get the effect

Put Metal sheet sticker on the back of the Headlamp casing to bring the reflection effect of the headlamp.

Light test

Signal coloring on the Headlamp using Sharpie also

Its never a useless job to mask in this mokit scene.

Sharpie applied

Carefully stroke the Sharpie according the groove made on the part.



Side view.
End of part 10. Basically we learnt how to color the clear part especially the Headlamp, Tail light and signal light. We also known that Metal sheet sticker can bring reflection effect on the Headlamp area. 

See you next post.

Keep mokit guys.

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