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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Mokit: Skyline R32 Part 6

Dashboard how woman see it. 

This is part 6 of my Skyline R32 built. This part is focusing on the detailing the interior and making detail of the interior. The interior play a important role as the main attraction and a place where you can put some characteristic of the car is in this areas. The exposure of this area is limited when you had complete the kit. Its really hard for spectator to see inside the car, and that made thing more exciting. Spectator will be amazed when they found and see something that they can related to the kit and show some identity of the kit from others. This will give them the sense of connection and will put the image of the kit in their heart. 

Advanced modeler will put drinking can such as Coca cola or Pepsi and intentionally put inside the cockpit to indicate that the drive of the kit like to drink Coca cola. Some put small printed magazine or newspaper of interesting topics. Owh, not to forget some also put AV girl magazine and a tissue box with used tissue all over the places. This is your area to put some identity or a story to tell to the spectator, so let be crazy at this areas!

Okay, let built detail up parts which is this time the safety belt head buckle. Please prepared your art knife, ruler, and plastic sheet. Mainstream used plaplate and evergreen plastic sheet but in DIY world we used any plastic that come from container, ruler or anything you can think of.

I used plastic container top cover. Cut into reasonable size to match the buckle head. You can try any design you want but here I made its standard so its easy to identify. Please cut slowly and carefully.

After I cut the plastic sheet, I want to wrap it in metallic tape to imitate metal like material. I just put them underneath the tape and cut through the tape and take the buckle head out.

Here is the dashboard. Originally Aoshima dashboard did not come with any pedal. I take the challenge to fabricate the pedal on my own. Take any plastic you can get and start cutting to your desire shape and size. As long as you can make its look alike its OK. 

Zoom in of the dashboard. Notice the pedal glued nicely onto the dashboard. Please take a closer look at the console on the LEFT. notice the color dot on the dashboard? That dot were painted using color paint and a toothpicks. You can place paint on any small and hard to reach place using toothpick and paint it slowly.

Put the car seat on place and try to mock up everything.

Adjust the felt and chair to the nice place. 

Complete dashboard detail, notice the red line on the steering wheel. I learn that if we want to make line sharp as a knife we can never skip masking tape process.

Put seatbealt pillar and dashboard on the chasiss. Mock up everything nicely.

Top view. You can actually detail up the speaker area, but this time I leave it stock.

Ok, that the end of part 6.
So, be wild at the interior areas.
Let mokit bruhh!!

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