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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mokit: Skyline R32 Part 4

Brake and brake pump complete painted.

Welcome to the Fourth episode of this Aoshima Skyline R32 kit build up.

Cut out the grill of the front bumper to make the effect of see through. Notice that the brake disc and brake pump already colored. On the left of the pictures is the water hose or air intake piping also had been painted light blue. 

Using Mr.Hooby acrylic paint I painted the rear seat with the red color. Notice the seat already been filled with putty to imitated the weight of the seat.

The putty were filled after the back plastic that I paste already dry out. Please insert the putty slowly and completely so that it will make a solid like object.

Mr. Hobby color red is waiting for the dry time. The unwanted area were masking and after the paint is completely dried, it will leave only the inner side of the seat colored red making the seat have two tone.

Killing some times and make this intercooler using some plastic sheet and electrical wire. Its all then glue and putty altogether.

Dry fitting all the body part including the spoiler.

Dry fitting the skirt of a GTR skyline.

Dry fitting of the GTR spoiler. 

Side view of the GTR spoiler dry fitting.
Stick of painting parts. Notice the front grill? Its white after grey primer.
Painted parts on the stick with crocodile clip. The small parts were painted flat black. 
Move the painted parts outside where the sun shining bright to speed up drying process.
Zoom on the door panel. 

Zoom on the dashboard. This painted a bit thick but the end result hope be different.

Another small parts. All parts were painted with flat black.

Crocodile clip on the center of the front grill. 

See the fan inside the radiator cover? Detail right?

Making a seat belt latch. Take some thin plastic and some square thick plastic. Glue together as per images. Painted the whole thing black and put some red strip on the latch and your done.

Sanding the putty off the intercooler made earlier.

Reshape the upper of the intercooler to perfect shape. 

Sanded also the underside of the intercooler.

Start gluing the seat belt latch to the seat. Adjust to your need.

I dryfitting first with masking tape, adjust the angle and depth. Dont forget to sit the seat on its place also to see whether its not obstructing any part on the dashboard.

Make a pair of it.

Cut the unwanted palstic. Keep it neat and simple.

The rear seat paint had dried. Dry fit inside the bodyshell.

Eye test. Adjust your eyes until you can see clearly.

Dry fit the engine bay. Notice the head of the engine is silver, and the hose is blue? The blue paint come from hardware oil paint. 

Dry fitting is important its help you planned and sort out what important and what is not. Its also will help you to prioritize your job on your kits.

Zoom in on the engine bay construction. Notice the cramp up inside the bay. Any modification need careful planning.

The other side of the rims. I painted it GOLD!??

The windscreen clear parts dry fitting.

The other side of my kits. See the rims, Its SILVER??

Ride height check.

Check out the brake disc caliper. Its so outstanding.

Its almost you can see its write Nissan on it.

See the rear end tire. You can see its thread, that how detail this kits from Aoshima is. 

Racing pose. Ops, windshield drop down.

Racing pose. This is how the kit will end up when done.
That all for this parts. Wait for part 5. Till then keep mokit bruh!!

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