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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Nubis : Nissan Skyline kits


Here you can see there are so many model and type for Nissan Skyline. What i captured here is the model kit only. I am sure the real 1:1 scale is still exist and its out there somewhere. Owh, try watch wasabicars at youtube there are so many old and retro car this guys found and had done some pretty good review about all those old cars. Of course all are JDM. 

Ok below is the model from Tamiya for Nissan Skyline hardtop 2000 turbo. As you can see there are 2 model the Gt-ES and RS. I will not elaborate why the model different as i am now typing with my phone but you can get the information on google.

These 2 kits for me is for the go because for a Skyline enthusiast you should try get this kits. Owh, please not mistaken as this is Skyline model not the Skyline GTR model. Its 2 different thing by the way. In Lemann term, Skyline GTR is the ultimate version of Skyline model. Its the top of the notch breed. However, some of the GTR did get their superbreed from the Skyline model.

I am planning to buy those kit and did some check up at the, and and those kits had not been reproduce yet.

The good thing is this is Tamiya kit and Tamiya tend to reproduce their kits in occasion so let wait patiently for the reproduce kits.

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