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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Mokit: Skyline R32 Part 7


Welcome to the Part 7 of the Nissan Skyline R32 built.
Previously, we had done the engine bay and the interior. This time we are doing the clear part of the kit and start to spray the bodyshell.

Here we got clear part of the kits which is the windsheild. We are going to paint the windsheild with black trim to imitate the rubber trim on the glass. The clear part is cut carefully. Please make sure you used really sharp knife to cut the plastic.

Please be caution on the clear part as its tend to get scratched very easy. Its wise for you to cover the front side with tamiya masking tape for easy work-ability.

We want to paint black on the clear part to make the trim of the windsheild. We will apply the paint from the INSIDE of the clear part. Why its applied from the inside? The paint is applied from the inside so that when you glued the part to the bodyshell it will look nice and look in place. We start to mask all the clear parts inside out. Please make one layer on top of other layer so that there will be no paint bleed. You really dont want paint bleed on the clear parts because its pain in the ass to do correction on the clear parts.

Using pencil you will start to make line of the trim. Its really helpful if you could find some template on the internet for the R32 trim. I just do what I think fit. After you are confident with your pencil trim. You will start to cut the masking tape according to the trim you made. You cut the inside side of the masking tape not the outside side. What you end up with is masking tape in the shape of the windscreen on the inside and whole masking tape on the outside. 

Next is to apply black paint on the parts. Mist coat at first layer, wait till dry and several mist coat complete cover all the area. Try not to spray too much at one spot. Try to make sure that paint got it cover at the masking area. 

When you paint the clear parts especially doing the trim paint there is 1 tip for maximum trim effect to look real. The tips says, peel off the masking tape before the paint is fully cure. This is too minimize the peel effect of the paint. The paint will tend to easy to peel off because there is no primer for the paint to stick on too making the paint will strip off easily when masking tape is pull when the paint is completely dry and bond. 

Peel off the front masking tape and immediately you can see the trim effect on the back of the windscreen.

Peel off the inside masking tape slowly. Try not too peel to fast to minimize peel off.

Side views. Look the trim effect.

Rear view of the windscreen. Noted on the peel off paint on the bottom right of the pictures. The paint peel off when masking tape is pull. This is due to peeling off the masking when the paint is too dry.
Preparation for Primer. Since im spraying the bodyshell its wise to do it outside with free air flow. 

Done primer

Check for flaw or any miss spray areas. After you primer the bodyshell you need to perform inspection on the body to notify any defect or abnormalities on the  bodyshell,

Take note to the in depth area, ie the air vent, lamp area or any opening on the bodyshell. You must make sure that all the surface were covered with primer so that the base coat can grip to the body nicely.

This is the most crucial part on the bodyshell when there is the sinking name on the bodyshell. Its must be covered with primer so the base color will sip right through the name nicely.
Ok, that it for this time. Next time we will look into how to spray the base coat on the bodyshell.


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