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Wednesday, 9 September 2015



Yesterday, im doing test photoshoot of my WIP kit. Im trying to mock up all the parts of my Miata WIP when im done playing with the Tamiya complicated suspension. The suspension were lowered down to what i think is the best height i can get. Due to the lowering of the kits i must adjust and perform hard customization on the suspension. Some part were look like its functional but in the real it isn't. Im rather got lazy to make real suspension although i got the time too. Talk about lazy mood.

In the photoshoot i put some furniture, toolbox, kit model box, some boxes in resemblance of true spare part box and new in the addition is Rays rim box. All of the box were made from paper with different paper weight. Some papercraft does look good when using the most hard paper you can get but its all depend on the function and effect you want. 

All the boxes pdf were collected from various of sources and many of the pdf were made by enthusiasts of scale model scenes. So, today I feel like to share the magnificience papercraft of the most common thing in the workshop/automotive diorama scenes, the boxes!!

Feel free to download the contents here. CLICK HERE

I save it in my GoogleDrive.

For other method feel free to contact me via the comment box.


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