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Sunday, 19 April 2015

NUBIS: ADVANCED MODELERS SYNDROME (AMS) this disease will eventually strike those modelers someday!


A chronic malady that strikes most modelers eventually.

Symptoms include;

1. Not being able to build anything straight out of the box.

2. Spending more money on the aftermarket parts and accessories than the cost of the original kit.

3. Opening a box and your first thought is: How can I light this?

4. You super-detail the cockpit or engine compartment only to close it up inside the fuselage or hull and hide your work.

5. Never display finished pieces, possibly because you've never actually finished one.

6. You have more opened and half-built kits than you do unopened kits.

7. You're long past the point where the opened, half-built, and unopened kit are sufficient to insulate your attic, garage, and the shed you built next to the garage to store all your previously acquired opened, half-built, and unopened kits.

8. You bought that new uber-kit because it was on sale, even though you knew that the only way you'd complete it (to say nothing of actually displaying the bloody thing!) at home would involve rearranging one or more large pieces of furniture- and only after the inevitable discussion with your spouse/significant other on the subject of : you want to put that thing where in my home?

9. The surgical operating suites at Johns Hopkins and the Mayo clinic are shabbily equipped compared to your modelling area.

10. You are heavily restricted in your modelling activities because you cannot get to your modelling table or tools due to the kit boxes piled up around that area and any adjacent areas-so you have to go browse for more kits online as that's the closest you will get to actual modelling for the foreseeable future.

11. When you see half walls, closets, shelves, flat furnitures tops, tables, etc, in your homes that are not otherwise occupied, you automatically view them as potential kit storage space- subject to terms of 8 item, above.

12. You use vital parts from forty-seven different kits to make a unique, original model ( or reproduce a star ship from your favorite screen epic exactly the way the original was made).

13. Conversely, the remainder of those same forty-seven kits go into your spares "box", which by this time is larger that the chest-type freezer in your basement.

14. Your modelling bookshelves contain more reference works than the local public library.


If you really want to be a modeler please read through this message. If there are more this into you then you already know why that mokit of yours is never moving or progressing. Got this from the mother web. Credit to those who made it.

Happy mokit.

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