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Monday, 20 April 2015


Jeremy and the controversial Porsche

This is Jeremy Clarkson Porsche 928 GTS
This is the Porsche 928 GTS driven by Jeremy Clarkson when he is doing the Top Gear Argentina Special. Being a Jeremy, he change the Porsche plat to PORSCHE - H982 FKL which is appeared to be reference of Falkland War. Basically, the Falkland War is the war between the United Kingdom and the Argentina over 2 British overseas territories in the South Atlantic: The Falkland Islands and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. The war ended as Argentina surrender and The Falkland island remains as British territory. 

When Jeremy go to Argentina being hilarious as he is - the Falkland reference number plate seems to be a joke for Jeremy. If you are a fans of Top Gear, Jeremy and all the team seem to be liking to make satirical and sarcasm joke about politics, and people believe as part of their secret spice for the show. However, this time the joke has turn on back to them by the shape of stone. Jeremy Porsche has been stoned by angry Argentinian mobs and chased them out of the country. 

In the end, their great Top Gear adventures has halted and stopped as that point and were air for audience to see. Its good that they stay true to the show and not hide the event of actual happen. 

I like Top Gear and yes, sometime Jeremy do hurt you feeling but that what make the Top Gear simply sublime!

I planned to make a replica of Jeremy Porsche and this is my reference for the future. Its also for you to share. If you had any detail of the cars please feel free to share.

My research has indicate that only Fujimi has produced this kits at over 1 series. Tamiya did come out the Porsche 928 but in 1/20 scale which is a scale that im not familiar with.

Kyogoku Sakura Porsche 928
Fujimi Porsche 928 long gone kits

The Tamiya Porsche 928 1/20 scale.
 The best catch is to get the Fujimi Porsche 928 Kyogoku Sakura and turn its to the Jeremy Clarkson Falkland Porsche. In my entire life I never seen a Porsche 928 being sell at BBSTC group or Kedai Suka Suki group. 

Planned to get the Kyogoku Sakura if I get my hand on it.


Happy mokit guys!

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