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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Mokit: Skyline R32 Part 3

TAMIYA R32, This in my stash now!

Meet again in this part 3 of my Nissan Skyline R32 build up.

On the last post we stop at wetsanding the godzilla. Wetsanding is the term used for sanding on any surface with the help of water. Water help to smoothen the sanding and give a silky and nice surface. Do not apply too much pressure when wetsanding as it will easily torn up your kit.

My R32 were wetsanded to my heart content. I wetsand every surface and corner crevice and hole that were moldes upon on the bodyshell of my R32. I want my R32 bodyshell smooth and free from any moldlines and uneven surface. The purpose of wetsanding your mokit is too eleminate moldlines and give a nice and smooth surface. Okay. Enough long word. Let view the pictures and read caption.

For Q&A please comment on the comment box.

Hardware puttyfilla were used in this mokit built as its budget saving and easy to find. 

Notice the white dot at the end of the dashboard. DO NOT FILL IT WITH PUTTY! its suppose to be an aircond vent but I accidently putty it. Stupid me.

Put putty inside the gap, let it hardem and then sand it until you get the result.

In the process of making the backseat of the bucket seat using plastic sheet normally get from slide presentation.

Cut the plastic sheet according to the seat size. This will go at the back of the seat.

Done glue the plastic sheet on the back. 

Wait for the glue to reside. The hollow inside the seat will be fill with putty.

The workload.

Sand the edge of the plastic sheet according to the seat surface so that no ruff edge were spotted.

Dry fitted the bucket seat.

Masked the engine bay.

Want to make front hood hinges to work like this. Its easy they say!

Found some lenses that nicely fit on the lamp. Need drilling and boring a bit.

Paint the air intake with blue color of oil paint. The paint can be obtained at any hardware shop.

Wait for the paint to dry.

Paint some other parts also.

Its paint fiesta. Painted the underbelly flat black in night.

The workload after paintjob done.

Some zoom in.

Masked the disc brake to paint the brake caliper with Red color to imitate Brembo.

Drilling and cut the lamp parts to fit lenses.

Sanded the drill and cut parts. 

Done cut and sand the dirt. 

Our job done today!

End of part 3.

This R32 built will be in this format afterwards. Now, I'm on S30Z wangan project. Will share with you some of its news.

Till then, keep mokit.

Stay tune.

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