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Sunday, 18 January 2015



It's normal for modeller to get cut at their fingers.
Yesterday I got one, after 2 years I start this hobbies this is the 2nd time and this time its quiet deep.

Got this cut from safety knife when I was cutting unwanted plastic at S30Z bumper. I put a lot of pressure to the knife and it glide from the bumper I hold and sank in my fat thumbs.


Quickly suck the blood and stop it with paper towel. 
Call my wife for aid and she get me Minyak Gamat the powerful oil for minor cut. 
Mnyak Gamat or Gamat oil is made from Sea Cucumber that said has the abilities to aid minor cut and fast tissue regeneration. Gamat oil is also the best cure for skin problem.

Lesson learnt, do not used Safety knife to cut hard plastic.

I must get myself a diamond cutter saw for my Dremel.

Safe Mokit guys

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