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Tuesday, 23 December 2014


This is Tamiya Skyline C10 reissue with add on of Street Custom part. It also come with Driver figurine! Price now at Malaysia market RM140-RM160. give a good price on this kit at RM140.
Dreams of building this kit!!


Stumbled upon this kits made by modeller from Finland. I dont seem to remember how I stumbled that pictures but his build is so cool and it attract me to do it too.

The kit that he had built is Datsun 204. It Orange in color with Carbon fiber coated front hood. I tried searching the web again on the same pictures but to no avail. 

The Datsun 204 kgt is the same as Skyline C110. No wonder my search on the web come out nothing its because the car I am searching for is Datsun 240kgt not Datsun 204kgt. 


Datsun 240k is a name also used on the Nissan Skyline C110. Datsun 240kgt is the other breed of Nissan Skyline C110 but equipped with gt parts. Another facts is Datsun 240kgt/Nissan Skyline C110 also known by car enthusiasts as Kenmary Skyline. Definitely want to get this kit so I put this in my wishlist. Oh, another one is the Cedric 4dr 2000 SGL-E, Gloria, Skyline C1 Hakosuka and one Aoshima Fish carry van. So many "one" here. Hehe.

Do you know on Aoshima Fish Store model there are trolley and cart in the kit. I was thinking to change that trolley and cart to a workshop cart and make used of it as a diorama. So, its worth of buying. I think.

Few weeks back, I get to watch Madu tiga a Malaysia classic film made by our Art and Drama father Tan Sri P.Ramlee. In this film there was a scene of car chase and Tan Sri P.Ramlee who were the main character of the films were driving a sport car. I felt in love with that car and fell like to mokit it. At first I thought the car were Honda S800 but then after sometimes I think its not. I perform a bit of research on the net and found out the car that Tan. Sri P.Ramlee were driving so hectically were MG MGB sport. 

Immediately I was shock, knowing that the European car how am I gonna get the kits. I seldom see Classic European car were sold in my joint group. Start search the web and the result is just like I suspected, the MG MGB kits has entered the RARE level. Price sure hike like super rocket. Maybe I skip this MG MGB built. 

Sum it all up, my wishlist is like  this;

1) Aoshima Skyline C10
2) Aoshima Skyline C110
3) Aoshima Cedric
4) Aoshima Gloria
5) Aoshima Fish Carry
6) MG MGB Super

MY STASH , basically this stash is to stand by for any Group Build (GB) held by BBSTC mokit group.

It doesn't matter when I will get the kit, its will be my objectives so that I'm not wondering around buying kit that I'm not going to build. What is your wishlist? Let share and start conversation. 

Happy mokit.

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